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Crafts from Waste

An upcycling crafts workshop
An introductory workshop for the Worli Koliwada community

This workshop was facilitated by G5A in collaboration with Samir Bharadwaj – a Mumbai based designer, photographer, and artist. The aim was to facilitate an alternate, informed perspective towards waste as a resource (dry waste in this case) and thereby shape awareness, attitudes and mindset towards the concept of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, eventually building ownership towards their own community, neighborhood and environment.

The process

Women and the participants from the community (children and youth) attended the workshop and built props for the production ‘Utterly Gutterly Atrocious’. All of them were at their creative best and came up with their own interesting ideas and materials to make the props. Around 90 different props were produced over a period of 10 days, right from shields, oars, rabbit headgears, masks, potty costumes, banners, publicity posters to name a few!


“The workshops were on in the ground, and I was called there. I was told that whatever material we throw away, we have to make new stuff from it. Some people got boxes, some got magazines and I got my old dupatta to the workshop. We were given the letters of the title of the play to cut from the fabric and put it on a saree. This was going to be the banner. We were also invited to see the play at G5A and we saw the banners that we had made put over there. We really felt good about this. We would really like to do more of such workshops where we can learn more such crafts.”  
– Nandini Manval, Worli Koliwada

“For the first time, so many women from our area got together to work on the banners for the play and everyone brought waste material from home. It was really nice coming together like that to work towards something common.”
– Samiksha Kadam, Worli Koliwada

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