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Goshta Eka Koliwadyachi

Few pockets remain in Mumbai which preserve indigenous customs of different communities of our city before it became the urban behemoth that it is today. Worli Koliwada, populated by the Kolis, the original inhabitants of our city, is one such isolated pocket. 

Rich in age-old customs and traditions that are still preserved and nurtured by the Kolis, the Goshta Eka Koliwadyachi project gives the city, visitors, and tourists an insight into the life of the Worli Koliwada goathan, through the collection of local narratives that range from traditional customs, rituals, songs, and livelihood practices. 

This initiative is aimed at documenting this intangible cultural heritage before these knowledge systems fade away.

The project is divided into three phases:

PHASE I | February – May 2023

  1. Archiving memories
  2. Memories becoming Stories
  3. Formation of a Women’s collective that will drive the initiative of walks and tours within the gaothan
    • Art of Storytelling
    • Mapping the Stories and the journey
    • Publication

PHASE II |  June – September 2023

  1. Heritage Walk Tour 
  2. Developing a guided tour app
  3. Developing a script for theater based on documented stories
  4. Publication

PHASE III |  October – December 2023

  1. Play | Developing the script into a production
  2. Production and Performances of Play

Currently in Phase I of the project, the G5A team is putting together a robust framework of local memories through multiple conversations with a wide ranging segment of the community of Worli Koliwada.

The themes of the narratives documented so far range from stories of village deities, fairs, religious practices, festive customs, guardian spirits, religious figures, colonial systems, old livelihood practices, local prominent personalities, and traditional songs sung at various occasions.