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Art, Culture, and Environment

We recognize and celebrate the deep-rooted relationship between the city, its people, and the environment that we inhabit. Acknowledging Mumbai’s unique, yet fraught relationship with the land, sea, and green cover, we work towards sustainable, and resource efficient practices, public spaces, and services. Using art and culture as the catalyst, we integrate values of creativity, compassion, and gratitude, allowing us to reinstate identity, ownership, and collective participation for holistically designed neighborhoods.

Through ARTshala, we facilitate a value based, sustainable cultural shift within the communities we engage with. With a primary focus on key stakeholders – women, youth and children – ARTshala comprises of a series of workshops, dialogues and art based activities with community members to create a space for self exploration, expression and taking collective action on critical community issues. Employing a range of art based tools (theatre and applied theatre, music, photography, sketching and upcycling crafts) we will work with the community towards awareness of the self, neighborhood and their place in society – thereby building inspired, confident and empowered individuals who will participate in social action for the development of their neighborhood.

Posts and Articles

Goshta Eka Koliwadyachi

Goshta Eka Koliwadyachi

Few pockets remain in Mumbai which preserve indigenous customs of different communities of our city before it became the urban behemoth that it is today. Worli Koliwada, populated by the Kolis, the original inhabitants of our city, is one such…