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Music From Waste

An upcycling percussion workshop
Making music with indigenous materials and instruments with the Worli Koliwada community
Music From Waste

An introductory workshop on Percussion and Waste Management with Karan Chitra Desmukh and Prathamesh Kulkarni.

This five day workshop with youth and children from the Worli Koliwada community, enabled us to experience music through everyday objects everywhere. With an introduction to body percussion, using discarded household materials and equipments, the participants were able to reuse, recycle, and Upcycle various objects into musical instruments.

The intention was to look at language, as a tool for self-expression, inculcate the arts as a medium to trace personal stories, and build life skills through the process: self awareness, accountability, creativity, problem solving, and team work.

The facilitators were able to highlight the idea of generating ‘wealth from waste’, while providing the participants exposure to world music through African rhythms, which opened up possibilities to imagine and look at the world differently.

At the end of the five days, the participants produced and performed a special rhythm set, and left with a renewed sense of pride in their own culture and neighborhood.