Volume 5

vibrance | hue | glow

beyond the tree

A note from the editor

In the silence of night;
In the stillness amidst the frenzy;

What does the voice inside your head say?
What one thing would you do if you need not worry?
What one thing would you do despite the constant clamour to choose safety?
What does the voice inside your head say?

Share that burning story,
Rest your restless hand across the canvas,
Pick up 

that camera; 
that microphone; 
that instrument.

If you’re wary to listen to that voice,
for it is met with fear and rationality,
take this as the antidote, courage, and push:
and listen.

For the second year of imprint and this volume, we’re sharing these stories and more: 
They will be vibrant; they will have their own shade; and they will shine.

Welcome to Year 2 and Volume 5!

Ishan Benegal


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Shradha Gulrajani, editor
Indira Chandrasekhar, mentor-editor


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G5A imprint is a literary arts and culture magazine that believes in the contemplative and reflective power of stories and storytelling. For too long we’ve been told stories from a select set of perspectives. Our intent is to create a space where we can change that. Today, stories are more important than ever before, and we’re here, ready to tell them and waiting to hear them.

Our stories are presented across a wide range of mediums, formats, and of course perspectives, where you will discover prose, poetry, photography, film, and more.

The magazine is presented online and in print.


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